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Regular Yoga Practice Can Reduce Anxiety, Study Finds

According to a study led by researchers at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, yoga practice can reduce anxiety compared to standard education on stress management, a standardized control technique. The study compared Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Kundalini yoga, and stress management education on participants with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). While CBT is still considered the best way to treat GAD, the study found that yoga is significantly more effective than standard education on stress management. 

Study Details and Findings

The study consisted of 226 men and women participants with GAD. Participants were randomly assigned to three groups: CBT, Kundalini yoga, or stress management education (control). 

After three months, both CBT and yoga were found to be significantly more effective for anxiety than stress management education. Approximately 54 percent of those in the yoga group met response criteria for meaningfully improved symptoms compared with 33 percent in the stress education group. Of those treated with CBT, approximately 71 percent met the response criteria.

However, after six months of follow-up, the CBT response remained significantly more effective than stress education (the control therapy), while yoga was no longer significantly more effective, suggesting CBT may have more robust, longer-lasting anxiety-reducing effects. JAMA Psychiatry published the results online on August 12.

Yoga practice reduces stress

In short, yoga is an accessible option for helping you manage your stress. The more you practice, the more you’ll feel a difference. Check out our blog post on Yoga: Sun Salutation A Benefits!


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